Training & Courses

We believe that the key to successful training is that it is extensive, realistic, and is repeated, performance re-assessed and upgraded. This approach to training has helped us to be recognised as setting standards in private security training and professionalism.

Training Centre

The Training Centre is equipped with the state of the art of the equipment such as

  • A full Bridge simulator
  • Injury treatment simulator
  • Dry firing facility and 300m marksman training range.
  • Operational firearm simulation environments – Assault and Marksman training.
  • The Training Centre is located near a deep water port enabling our training to be as realistic as possible with real assets on which to continuously develop our skills and teamwork.
  • Our Centre has been accredited by the American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) and is an internationally recognised leading facility in this field.

Training regimes and courses

Every member of Bowline comes with a wealth of experience and expertise, either from a military or commercial perspective.  We then go to work in training them to our own standards and refresh this training continuously.  From a military point of view operators must appreciate and be fully aware in the changes in SOPs between the military and commercial arenas. From a commercial perspective, risk assessments and achieving business objectives must be fully understood from a security perspective.

Training and experience is key to the quality of our service, our instructors are amongst the very best in their field and are at the heart of our training and continuous improvement ethos.


Maritime Security Operative Courses

  • Anti-Piracy Advance Course
  • MSO level 3
  • Ship Security Officer
  • Proficiency In Designated Security Duties

Firearm Courses

  • Maritime Firearm Course
  • Marksman/Sniper Course

Medical Courses

  • Basic Tactical Medical Care
  • Combat Medic

Maritime courses

  • STCW95
  • Vessel Formalization
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